Our Mission

"The delivery of psychological treatment and services derived from the current psychological science to all people, free from discrimination that might result from gender, race, sexual orientation, status, or income, in a friendly environment that promotes and supports the growth and professional development of the professionals responsible for providing clinical and consulting services."

Our mission grows out of the historical aims of clinical psychology. Although humans have long studied human behavior and its roots in the brain and mind, psychology emerged as a distinct field of study only in the 19th century as physicians and others began to apply scientific methods to the study of human and animal behavior. Even as Sigmund Freud revolutionized our understanding of the human psyche in the late 19th century, psychologists in Europe and elsewhere were applying emerging psychological principles to education, medicine, military practices, and other fields.

As the discipline of psychology grew in the 20th century, clinical psychology emerged as the specialty that applied psychological principles to the assessment and treatment of individual psychological difficulties. Assessment involves the psychologist's use of interviews, standardized measures, and clinical judgment to understand an individual's psychological make-up. Treatment involves the psychologist's judicious and scientifically-informed use of psychotherapy techniques to help individuals improve their psychological make-up. These techniques include a diverse range of approaches, from long-standing specialties such as behavior analysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and hypnosis to relatively newer techniques such as family systems therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, and medical psychology.

As described in our mission statement, the clinical psychologists at the Duluth Psychological Clinic use the science of psychological practice to assess and treat individuals with psychological difficulties.

For more information about our services, mission, and staff, please page through this website or call 218-722-2005.